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The SEO Company OC Team

SEO Company OC is located in sunny Orange County California. We have a growing team of experts in all facets of the marketing field that want to see you and your business succeed. Every client of ours is important and their passion gives us the motivation to help them achieve their goals. With over a hundred years worth of experience in digital marketing, we know the most efficient and effective way to build a presence online. Our team is always here to support you.

Comprehensive Marketing.

Local Business Growth.

Relationship Building.

Who we are


Launched in 2008, SEO Company OC started with the goal of helping Orange County Businesses overcome the challenges of a saturated digital world and turn them into opportunities. Our team is supportive, strategic, collaborative, and motivated about improving our clients' business success.

We help companies of all sizes get leads by SEO, Google Ads, Social Marketing, and other avenues online. We are a team of experts skilled in a highly competitive sector. Our multidimensional views help us read data and target keywords that perform best.

We have the knowledge, education, and ability to adapt to keep our clients ahead of the curve as new technologies rise and new techniques develop. Expect our approach to be entirely result-driven committed to solving growth challenges and data-driven decision making.

Who We Are
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Our Vision & Our Duty


As the digital space is transforming the way business is done today, we have been there for local Orange County businesses to attain the advantages over competitors. We're here to manage your existence on the Internet from all angles - everything from your Google ranking, Yelp page, web domain, and all its content. We'll even keep an eye on your competitors and help you maintain your own online reputation.

Every business unique. In our experience, every client has their own needs, wants, and targets when it comes to marketing. That's why our team develops personalized marketing campaigns that meet their need and expectations. We will continuously track and observe the performance data of the website and follow up to adjust strategies or create new ones. 

Max Sanchez

About the Author: Max Sanchez

SEO Company OC was founded in 2008 in the city of Orange, California by Max Sanchez. For the last 14 years, Max has been working as owner and CEO of the company helping small businesses build and grow their online presence through data-driven online marketing techniques.  



Our services in digital and online marketing surpass providing research-based results; we take you, your business, and all of your strengths into consideration when executing all of our marketing projects.

We go beyond the basic marketing strategies; we also craft successful management strategies based on our unprecedented database of market research.

Digital Marketing

We are committed to ignite your business online.

At SEO Company Orange County, we believe in transparency and communication. We provide regular reports on the progress of your campaigns, keeping you informed every step of the way. Our goal is not just to deliver short-term results but also to build long-term partnerships with our clients.

So if you're ready to take your online presence to the next level, contact our SEO company in Orange County today. Let us help you achieve sustainable growth and success in the digital landscape.

What Our Team Provides

Business Growth: Our tailored digital marketing campaigns will communicate with and relate to the targeted consumer in terms they can understand, value, and appreciate. We make sure that our clients' investment towards marketing get their return investment in leads and higher ranking. We help make an impact using modern seo strategies and data-driven marketing solutions. We'll make sure to generate more leads, increase revenue and opportunities, improve search engine visibility, and more.

Dedication: Digital relevance is everything in today’s society, and we make sure to stay on top of all projects simultaneously.  You focus on your practice – we’ve got all the other areas covered. Our team will not be satisfied unless we're making thing happen for you. We'll help you with any questions, solve any problems, and deliver on your expectations. 

Good Relationship: Every client we have is important otherwise we wouldn't be here. We pride in creating lasting relationships with our clients and celebrating with them we hit a milestone or goal. A business' reputation is just as important and we uphold it by caring about the impact of our work. We got rid of uneeded processes and invested in the programs that move companies forward, not backward. We are here to fill in the talent gaps in your business and help your company compete and suceed.