3 Ways to Boost Ecommerce Sales

Any eCommerce business needs eCommerce marketing strategies to boost sales and increase new customers to come through. We can help you bring in those customers with some of these tips and tricks.

Streamline the Checkout Process

Making the checkout process as easy as possible will help you retain your customers. Putting all the information you need on one page and reducing the number of form fields will increase positive user experiences. Let’s face it. People are impatient and customers do not like filling out forms more than once so utilize features like auto-fill drop forms for states and zip codes.

If you do need different pages for each step adding a progress bar lets customers know where they are during the checkout process and add shipping costs on the first page. Customers don’t want to go through the checkout process only to find out the shipping and handling will be expensive.

Including a secured checkout also helps retain customers because now more than ever people are more conscious about where to put their credit card number and for a good reason. Credit card theft happens to around 45% of people in the US. You can add a sticker from services such as McAfee or Norton to assure your users that their card information is safe.

Good Product Descriptions

When writing a good product description, you need to figure out who the target audience is and understand customer interests to figure out what features would benefit that customer than most. Use those benefits to your advantage and include factual statements that will keep the user engaged and interest in the product.

Use emotions to influence the customer to buy the product for a specific purpose. You can include who made the product, what inspired them to create it, and how it will affect the buyer when purchased. When creating the product description, using natural verbiage to make the product seem more personal and easy to read.

 The best thing you can do even before a good product description is clear and quality pictures. Most consumers look at the photos before anything else so having a wide variety of angles and quality photos is very important.

Social Media Advertising

Marketing on social media is vital. Using the top websites, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can increase engagement and traction to your eCommerce website. Asking followers for social proof means asking the previous customers to show off their love for the brand and using it as content for your platform. Asking questions about similar subjects and products garner attention to posts and will reach.

You can use any of these tactics to boost your engagements and increase your customer volume. If you need a little more help, SEO Company OC can help you build your website and your online presence. Visit here for more information.