Announcing the Launch of Our New Website Design

SEO Company OC is proud to announce that we have launched our updated website for 2020. We wanted to revamp our website to create a more user friendly environment for anyone searching for our services. What good is a visually appealing site when it’s hard to navigate and find relevant information? Our new website is more intuitive and user-friendly for any individual or business looking for online marketing services.

New Website DesignBecause we have created dozens of great looking websites for local businesses in Orange County, it’s important that our website looks just as good as theirs. Our team at SEO Company OC wanted to be able to show our services in a clear cut way. Our homepage features an easy-to-fill-out contact form that tells us who you are, what service you are looking for and a little about your business. Our team has integrated information about the services we provide, such as web design, and ecommerce development. Scrolling down, you can see the websites we have designed and built according to our clients' business and overall needs. Our packages  are now included on the home page, allowing you to browse the services and packages that you might want to look into without having to search for our pricing throughout the entire website.

As a whole, our team at SEO Company OC has improved the structure of our content and increased user-friendly features. Reading will be quick and you will be able to obtain more information in a shorter amount of time. Our team has created a wide range of small, but impactful changes that will make the viewing experience more enjoyable for our clients. In addition to new content, we have also created new graphics and animations to create a more visually appealing experience when viewing our website. If you have any questions for our team at SEO Company OC, please reach out through the form submission below, email at or by giving our office a call at (714) 243-8571.  

The Importance of a New Web Design

A new OC web design ensures your website remains relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing online market. It enables you to stay ahead of the curve by incorporating the latest design trends, technologies, and best practices. This not only helps you attract more visitors but also keeps them coming back for more.

With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, it has become imperative for businesses to adapt their websites accordingly. Our team of experts at SEO Company OC understands the importance of capturing your brand's essence and delivering a seamless user experience offering the best OC web design. We will work closely with you to create a beautiful, user-friendly website that aligns perfectly with your brand and goals, and we optimize your website for mobile devices so customers may view it from anywhere without formatting issues or missed opportunities due to obsolete designs. Don't miss out on the power of a well-designed website – let us transform your online presence today.