Graphic Design and Product Packaging

Packaging keeps the world organized, whether it is a medicine bottle, the wrapper that holds a starburst candy or a milk jug container. Product packaging starts with a design, as simple or intricate as needed for the project. Most projects are designed within Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator; the image can then be transferred to a vector format so it can be easily scaled when sent to a manufacture for printing. Work Meeting to Go Over Social Media Strategies

First, after a brief phone meeting with the client we will then assign a graphic designer to your project. They will then create multiple sketches for you to choose your design from. Typically, since our graphic designers are assigned only to one project and client at a time, the turnover rate is much higher compared to other companies.

Secondly, whichever sketch you chose from, the graphic designer assigned to your project will then transfer the sketch to Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator so start designing the digital image. At this time, any larger changes will need to be addressed and fixed before moving onto the next step. We will never move onto the next step without your approval of the prior step and your complete satisfaction with your current design.

Lastly, your design will then be transferred to the final rendering of the image. We will finalize any smaller design details, backgrounds, animations and foregrounds and address any last-minute changes will be made during this stage of the process. Your design can then be transferred to a vector format and will then be ready to send out to a manufacture for mass production or ready to be uploaded to your website/business online. At SEO Company OC, your satisfaction is our number one priority during the design process. We want to ensure you are happy and satisfied throughout the entire process and we will never move to another step without your approval.

We are happy to provide any product packaging designs for you or your clients. We offer multiple different services at SEO Company OC, ranging from Online Marketing, Graphic Design, and Web Design. Contact us now to find out how we can help you and your business today!

Step-By-Step Process for Graphic Design and Product Packaging

Sketch of Pineapple with Marijuana Leaf
Pineapple Illustration
Pineapple Express Packaging