How to Get Good Reviews from Your Customers

Your business is booming with ever-changing practices to maintain your customers’ interest but you seem to face one issue regarding possible new customers, they extensively research reviews including the negative ones. Businesses with remarkable services are all halted once negative reviews come into light. It can be difficult for a business to know their service goes beyond satisfactory for their consumers but outside sources can delegitimize their performance.

It’s time to override all the negative reviews with positive ones and by doing so; we will go over some important topics to review yourself so you may start improving an overall impression to new possible clients.

5-Star Rating Review

Learn the Important Review Platforms

It’s become customary for potential customers to review all major platforms specified for critiques on a business. There a vast amount of platforms used but majority of people uses 3 platforms for their company/product research.

Here are a few major platform reviews to carefully consider:


Known as the world’s biggest search engine, Google allows businesses to have a page specifically for the businesses along with information regarding it. Every business page allows for anyone to leave a review, good or bad, for the world to see. Google is commonly used for all search purposes, whether to look for a new restaurant or find a particular product. Google reviews give off the first impression to a possible consumer so it’s important to optimize your Google page as much as possible.


Yelp is famously known for its review system, many businesses rely on yelp to help boost their image with positive critiques. Yelp provides videos, images of the business and products, and reviews to help give searchers deeper insight to the organization. Most importantly, be responsive to any inquires in a prompt manner since Yelp gives an estimation to possible clients on how responsive you are.


Similar to Yelp, Facebook provides an opportunity for business owners to create a Facebook business page. You are able to optimize your page with posts about your business and products, provide images of your company and crew, and any other information you would like to release to the public.

 Methods to Receive More Positive Reviews

Now that we have a general idea of how all 3 platforms work, we can begin over viewing several methods to reel in more good reviews of your business/product. It’s important to gain some insight on which approaches work and which are ultimately going to fail, since you should avoid causing any more negative reviews.

  • Conduct a Survey: Instead of emailing them and requesting to leave a review, conduct a survey about their experience and give them the option to leave their opinion via social media outlets.
  • Provide Incentives: Avoid blatantly offering an incentive to your customers because it may come off bad. Instead, issue a campaign regarding a special deal or holiday promo along with the opportunity to leave a positive review.
  • Ask at the Right Time: If you decide to go for the subtle approach without providing an incentive or survey, make sure you’re asking at the most appropriate time. Some moments will include:
  1. After they have expressed their content with the aftermath of the product/service.
  2. When they decide to repurchase or come back for another service.
  3. If they referred another client to you or decide to tag you via social media.
  4. If all else fails, conduct an email blast in the afternoon since majority of people come back from lunch and read their emails the most.

After reviewing the basics of getting more positive reviews, it’s time to start planning and organizing your objective. Luckily, we offer various opportunities for our clients to boost their ratings. If you’re interested on improving your company’s image, contact us today for optimal service.