How Video Marketing Evolved in 2018 and What That Means for 2019

Video MarketingVideo marketing in 2018 targeted more action-oriented content. Individuals aren’t always looking for a passive viewing experience, and many viewers are looking for content that’s interactive with the viewers. Platforms have also evolved in response to the shift in the new marketing strategy. YouTube’s product manager, Nicky Rettke explained, “Historically, video advertising hasn’t been actionable, optimizable, or measurable against direct response objectives. The only way someone could ‘act’ on a video was to watch it.” This actions allows marketers to start optimizing for user-friendly actions, like; signing up for a newsletter or even going as far to purchase a product or service. This is still considered a great marketing strategy, but 2019 will bring bigger and better things to the table for consumers to interact with.

3 Ideas for Video Marketing Strategies in 2019

How can businesses adapt to these new strategies and still profit from the new technologies and consumer behaviors? Here are 3 ideas to help improve your video awareness for 2019.

  1. Be sure you’re targeting the correct audience

You may have the most amazing ad with compelling graphics and user-friendly interactive features but you may be reaching the complete wrong audience or be searching too large of an area and targeting too many people. Having clickable features on ad’s that take viewers directly to your website is a great tactic to engage consumers in specific products or services. Viewers have always shown interest in your product by interacting with your ad the chances of making a sale drastically increase. Because viewers have already shown interest in a product or service, YouTube’s custom audiences can reach people who had recently clicked on one of their product-related search ads.

  1. Educating your Audience

Did you know that 65% of your audiences are visual learners? When tested, videos that have educational material inside them are viewed for longer durations vs. videos that are solely promotional. When making your next video, adding educational material will drastically increase your chances of your maintaining an audience for longer periods of time. For an example, you could teach your viewers how to use your product or service and provide useful tips on how to make the most of it while still bringing awareness to your products and your business.

       3. Creating a Vlog

More and more people are watching vlogs because it illustrates a way to connect with individuals and, in a way, live vicariously though them in their everyday lives. It’s easy for viewers to connect with because of the authenticity engagement they show. Vloggers are able to build a community of like-minded people around them with a similar mindset and characteristics from the content they create. Collaborating with other vloggers is a wonderful way to broaden your reach and immediately stick out to a completely different audience to learn about you and your videos. Building a brand around your vlogs is vital for your success. It gives your vlogs more authority, personality and allows you to grow your viewership tremendously.