How Website Content Can Make or Break your SEO Rankings

With thousands of businesses switching to online services and marketing due to the pandemic, there’s a new wave of SEO content waging war on all search engines, all fighting to be seen by potential customers and clients. SEO stands for search engine optimization; SEO is most often made up of specific keywords related to your business that are specifically targeted and optimized throughout the content of your website. SEO content is everything in 2021 and creating and optimizing quality content is how to get your business to succeed and to the first page of Google over your competitors. Quality content not only means optimizing your content but also including keywords and creating engaging conversations. High-quality content is also how a business connects to their customers, how they inform and communicate, and how well they meet their needs on every level of engagement.

Your website content can make or break your SEO ranking and it has everything to do with staying up to date on latest algorithms and your competitors SEO tactics. Your SEO efforts have to go way beyond the aesthetic layout of the website. Whether that’s an informative about page, testimonials to showcase previous successful interactions, a blog page, or FAQ’s, a high-ranking SEO website has to be uniform and needs to provide quality content on every level the customer and SEO algorithms are looking for.

First and foremost, researching specific keyword data is necessary for your content to reach higher rankings. Ensuring you have done keyword research and are certain which keywords customers are most searching for in your area that relate to your business is crucial for the success of SEO. Once your keywords are selected, you need to create SEO based content around those keywords without ‘keyword stuffing’. Keyword stuffing is when a content writer adds your targeted keywords too many times throughout your content that can ultimately harm your websites SEO overtime. The website needs to be engaging, user friendly, informative and professional while finding a way for the content to appeal to customers in a unique way that stands out from your competitors. Standing out from your competitors and creating relationships with readers constitutes the highest quality of information as it builds trust, familiarity and engages readers enough to keep them on your site leaving your website with a low bounce-rate.

Above all, keep your content engaging and natural to the consumer. As long as you meet the readers’ needs, create carefully written content with your chosen keywords, avoid keyword stuffing, optimize your content correctly and find a way to be unique when connecting to your readers, you’re already on your way to improving your websites SEO and ranking higher on search engines.

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