Key Main Elements in Website Design

The goal of a business’s website should be to leave a strong impression on potential customers or returning clients. A consumer’s first impression of your business is important and should be made a priority. At SEO Company OC, we specialize in creating websites through WordPress as it is the world’s leading content management system in the world. Here are some key elements that you need when building a website.

Brand: Your brand is what makes your business. It provides a cohesive and consistent appearance throughout the website. An important aspect of the brand is the logo. Your logo defines what your business is and will always appear near the top header of the website. Your website color palette should be based off your logo and be used across your website.

Navigation:  A responsive and simple layout should be kept in mind to ensure that is user friendly for its visitors. Visitors are fickle and if they can’t find what they are looking for, they will bounce off the website. When the menu is visible and easy to locate but the dropdowns are overly complicated, visitors will also leave due to frustration of it not being user friendly. Making the navigation intuitive and simple is the best you can do to keep customers staying on the website.

Home Page:  The homepage needs to be a strong representation of your brand. Bold banners such as an image representing your brand or video backgrounds are important to let a potential customer know what the business is and what they can get from your website.

Blog: A blog is a good idea to have on your website as sites that add new content regularly tend to rank higher than those that do not have it. We also recommend introducing blogs into your website for SEO and domain ranking purposes as well. Blogs are also a way for visitors to interact and share across other social media platforms and spread the information you provide. As such, it is also a good idea to display your social media links that your visitors can click to.

Call to Action: Call to action buttons is a great way to push a visitor to a certain direction on your website. It can lead to a form or a phone number to call your business. On contact forms, it provides a prospect to connect with you in a convenient way. The form should be simple and to the point.

As a business, have a polished and professional website will leave a good impression on your customer. Your website will perform better on Google search resulting in increased conversions. If you have any questions or would like help in creating an SEO friendly website, contact our team at SEO Company OC.