RM1 Construction is the Best Company For All of Your Construction Needs in Southern California

We work hard every day to keep our services up to date to bring the best results to our clients, and we want to reflect that with our offices and building’s appearance as well. Always ensuring that every part of them has a modern and fresh look. Including our bathroom, which was starting to look old and plain. That’s why we decided to look for a company that could help us remodel it and gladly heard about RM1 Construction! Their company did such a great job that we feel the need to share our experience with you, so you know more about them and their work.

Let’s start with the obvious. What is RM1 construction, and what do they do? RM1 Construction is Southern California's leading construction company. With over a decade of experience, RM1 Construction offers flexible solutions for foundation repair, seismic retrofitting, bathroom and kitchen remodeling, garage conversions, pool installations, and more while providing exceptional services and retaining excellent customer relationships in Los Angeles County, and surrounding.

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After hearing about RM1 Construction, we contacted them and asked if they could help us remodel our bathroom and give us a free estimate first. They answered quickly and let us know what they could do for us and how much it would cost. We agreed, and then they started working in our bathroom. We had some ideas which we provided to them while they also brought unique designs. In the end, we combined both of them, and the results were even better than we imagined! They did an amazing job providing us with a space that is functional, beautiful, and easy to use.

They took the time to understand what we were trying to do, listened to our feedback, and worked with us. It feels like the process was made easier because of their expertise and level-headedness, and because they came in on budget and ahead of schedule. They undoubtedly offer the best customer service.

If you're considering hiring a remodeling contractor, you'll want to choose someone who understands the design and space. While there are a lot of companies out there that do mediocre work, RM1 Construction's experience allows them to provide a high-quality remodel for a competitive price. We are so grateful for what they did for us that we want to recommend them to everyone. They are the best company for all of your construction needs in Southern California!