Social Media Marketing 101: YouTube Advertising Formats

You’ve ventured out into various forms of ads, whether print or digital, but have yet to discover the possible marketing world of YouTube. If you’re familiar with Google Adwords or Facebook ads then you understand the importance of trial and error. Sadly enough, not many marketers take the opportunity to advertise on Youtube due to fear of unsuccessful launches. The unlimited possibilities of over 1 billion viewers of streaming videos can greatly boost your business, so, it’s time to become familiar with YouTube Ad Formats and begin a corridor of rewarding ads.

 YouTube Advertising Formats

TrueView Ads

 TrueView ads offer a general format for viewers to either continue the ad proposal or discontinue it. This format delivers an opportunity to those who genuinely seem interested in the ad while also allowing the other side of audiences to opt-out. You may be wondering the overall cost to appeal to both audiences, luckily, YouTube Ads allows advertisers to pay for audiences who choose to watch over 30 seconds or finish the entire video. TrueView Ads consist of two types of ads that could either be utilized simultaneously or one more than the other ad.

  1. Instream Ads: Instream Ads features both long and short video ads while authorizing audiences to skip the ad after 5 seconds of the display. They appear either prior, during, or after a chosen video from the viewer. Advertisers receive leeway to choose the location of their videos, either depended on categories or audience placements.
  2. Video Discovery Ads: In contrast, video discovery ads run by a viewer's search results and appear on top of the search page or emerge on the top sidebar from a similar video subject. Both placements present the viewer to choose the ad prior to their chosen video or watch then after.

Both types of ads reach a wide array of audiences for specific content they wish to see. Typically, they are the ideal low-cost format for advertisers to influence a broad audience without the risk of blasting through your budget.

Bumper Ads

Shown only on mobile phones, Bumper Ads, consist of a short 6-second video with an unavoidable skip option to viewers. They are considered an ideal approach to promoting an ad solely through mobile, but to succeed, a strong hook to grab the attention of the viewer is primarily needed.

 Need More Information On YouTube Ads?

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