Video Content is Taking Over Marketing

What once was considered modern, old content techniques such as direct mail, flyer handouts are now becoming outdated and digital practices are beginning to take over. One particular marketing strategy continues to pave the way of digital strategies; video content has made a landing mark into digital marketing.

Youtube has become the most popular video streaming platform, video ads have ever become more important to keep the audience engaged and interested. We will go over the type of videos to the best market to your audience and how it’s succeeded in old marketing strategies.

Types of Video Content

  1. About Us/Company Video. What better way to introduce possible new customers to your company than a video? It allows the audience to feel more personal and entertained about the type of company you uphold and what your ultimate goal is. Introducing the company and type of products you service creates an overall engaging content for new clients and could possibly seal the deal.
  2. Demo Video. Launching a new product? Launch your product with a demo video and allow your audience to view all of the perks to your product and why they should purchase it. Demo videos are a digital reform of a sales representative; they show the key points to the products while maintaining the engagement of the audience.
  3. Testimonial Video: What’s better than a written testimonial on review platforms? A video of a customer testimonial streaming in all of your social media platforms and website. Marketing has become a digital age of interactive content and providing a customer testimonial only validates your company’s performance more. Audiences have become attuned to interactive videos and allowing new possible customers to view various testimonial videos ensures a higher customer retention rate. 

Why is Video Marketing Successful? 

Reading content marketing is now becoming more taboo than ever before as video content trails over its marketing tactics. To other fellow marketers, it may come to a surprise as to why video content has increased its value in profits and ROI but to no avail; video marketing has proven its success over the past years. Below are a couple of examples as to why video content has become the new age of digital marketing:

  • Video Engages All Types of Audiences: Written content can be limited to certain types of audiences. Whether readers lose interest within the first minute of reading or dismiss the writing entirely, video content engages these audiences with a more interactive approach.
  • Video Marketing Grabs Attention to Phone Users: Mobile-friendly content has continuously been a priority to all marketers but less and less are audiences interested in reading content over the phone. Mobile users interact with videos ranging from Youtube videos to Netflix movies.
  • Videos Are Worth More Than a Thousand Words: Blogs, posts, and any other written content can be difficult to write when explaining your goal to the end-user. Videos issue an effective marketing strategy with entertaining yet informational content in a span of minutes.

Interested in Video Content?

All of the video types explained earlier are great services we offer here at SEO Company OC. We understand the importance of increasing a company’s ROI and retention rate and by doing so; we create efficient video marketing content to retain the audience's attention. Contact us now for more information on how we can help your company with video content.