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"LCPtracker, Inc. is the leading solution for certified payroll reporting software, construction site compliance management, and workforce reporting. It all started in 2001, when LCPtracker CEO Mark Douglas envisioned a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) solution geared towards prevailing wage compliance for K-12 school construction. After two years of development with just a three-person team, LCPtracker Professional was officially launched. By 2006, our client roster grew nationally, expanding beyond K-12 schools and gaining clients such as cities and transit agencies.

Now with two offices in Southern California and one office in Michigan, our clients today include 33 of the top 100 cities, 9 state Department of Transportation agencies, and 6 of the top 10 largest construction companies in the nation. We are trusted with the management of over $150 billion in projects per year, with more projects added every day."

LCP Tracker is a company that believes building better communities begins with people – which is why their vision is centered around this concept. Their integrated compliance platform was developed to not only meet your compliance needs but to support and track the transformative impact of your workforce development efforts.