Nail Salon in OC Website

Tammy reached out to SEO Company OC, looking for a unique website to help boost her business and improve her customer service and communication. We created an innovative website design customized to connect to her clients’ needs and demands.

Since Tammy only wanted a website, our team implemented a one-time SEO service to improve its SEO and boost traffic from organic searches. Tammy now enjoys a website with a user experience that brings new leads and credibility to her business.

Tammy has 20+ years of experience in the nail business. She specializes in acrylic nail enhancements.  She has completed the required courses and workshops with one of the nation’s top training academies.  This involved one-on-one instruction of every brushstroke, the correct ratio of powder-to-liquid application, manual filing and fine detailing of every nail created! Tammy does gel ‘polish’ on natural nails as well as on acrylic nails.  Gel ‘polish’ is cured with an LED lamp; each coat is dry in 30 seconds.  This manicure lasts for two weeks or more.

Natural nail manicures are also part of her services.  Keeping the natural nail healthy! All services are performed with keeping the ‘health’ of the natural nail a priority! Tammy’s nails look great naked! (French Manicure = pink & white) whether natural nails or acrylic enhanced.