OrthoStop TMJ Specialist in OC

Dr. Robert Pine is a general dentist who has received many awards, and a TMJ Specialist Orange County with a non-invasive treatment on how to treat TMJ Orange County. Dr. Pine has been able to address the clenching and grinding which leads to the pain of the TMD/TMJ and more. An Alumni of U.S.C. School of Dentistry, this non-invasive treatment Dr. Pine created is called Ortho-Stop. Fabricated to relieve TMJ pain as well as grinding, and clenching and their correlated symptoms and pain.

Dr. Pine was born and raised in Southern California and attended U.S.C as an undergraduate and is a proud graduate of the University of Southern California Dental School. He has been selected as one of Orange County’s best dentists.

Dr. Pine was one of the earliest users of the NTI anterior deprogrammed system to reduce TMJ Orange County symptoms due to night time clenching. This odyssey began over 20 years ago. Over 10 years ago he created Ortho-stop, a vastly improved and different version of the NTI. 2 years ago he created Emeryl guard to complement and thus improve Ortho-stop, TMJ treatment.

The team at SEO Company OC created a new website for Dr. Pine to help better inform his patients about Orthostop and what the differences are between Orthostop and other TMJ relief solutions. Dr. Pine specializes in TMJ relief with Orthostop which can reduce nighttime clenching and grinding by up to 70-80%. 

Whether it's through educational materials, personalized consultations, or ongoing support, TMJ specialists Orange County are committed to offering a comprehensive approach that goes beyond just treatment. Dr. Pine’s goal is to equip you with the tools and understanding necessary for the long-term management of your TMJ disorder.