Safety Nap Caps

Safety Nap Caps reached out to SEO Company OC to build them an aesthetically pleasing website for their Safety Nap Caps. Our teams of graphic designers and web designers collaborated together to create a user-friendly website with children-friendly graphics.

"Helps Prevent Neck Strain While Napping In Car Seat. Safety Nap Caps are made from a soft, lightweight cap designed to keep your child's head in place when sleeping in their car seat. Made with 100% cotton, our hats provide comfort and gentle support to reduce neck strain while napping. 

Made for comfort, Safety Nap Caps keeps your child's head from bobbing and leaning. Our adjustable hats are safe and able to be worn outside after a car ride for sun protection. The Safety Nap Cap is designed with comfort in mind, so your child can sleep in their car seat in peace. It's made of high-quality materials that are strong and durable, with soft lining for extra comfort."