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Our Promise to You 

When you contact SEO Company Orange County you will speak directly to the CEO about your business and which services you are interested in. So rest assured, all promises will be kept throughout your time with us. You will also get his personal cellphone number in which you can text or call him at any time to answer any of your questions.


SEO Company Orange County is an online marketing agency located in Orange County, California. Our aim is to keep you on top of your competitors when it comes to searches online and Orange County web design. We provide monthly reports so you can see the progress of the keywords you wish to target. Don’t know which keywords to target? Don’t worry; our team of experts will guide you in choosing the best keywords for your website. We are connected directly to Google’s search database and can see which keywords have the most traffic.


of consumers search for businesses online.


of searchers never pass page one of Google.


of people spend fewer than fifteen seconds on a webpage.


We Grow Small Businesses

Our tailored digital marketing campaigns will communicate with and relate to the targeted consumer in terms they can understand, value, and appreciate.  Remember, online communication is often the forerunner to that phone ringing at the front desk.

We Strengthen Your Reputation

A strong online presence is critical for any small business.  Digital accessibility will result in a consistent influx of customers; they will elect to come to you over your competition.  It’s important to stay relevant and top-rated, and SEO Company Orange County is here to help you do just that.

We Are Marketing Experts

We have over one hundred years worth of combined experience in the digital  marketing field and Orange County website design. We are always in the edge of getting websites to the first page of search engines.  We give all of our projects the time and attention they (and you!) deserve.  We’re here to help your business be the best it can be.

We Care About Your Business

With SEO Company Orange County you are not just getting premier marketing services, but also a team that looks out for the well-being of you and your business.  Digital relevance is everything in today’s society, and we make sure to stay on top of all projects simultaneously.  You focus on your practice – we’ve got all the other areas covered.


Our web design team will build an SEO friendly website that will be built right the first time. We'll make sure to include strong keywords and properly title images throughout your website. Once the web design is completed we'll submit all pages to all search engines including Google. This online marketing technique surpasses all expectations while providing research-based results. We take you, your business, and all of your strengths into consideration when executing all of our new projects. We go beyond the basic web design company strategies; we also craft successful online marketing strategies based on our unprecedented database of research. 

ROI Statistics for an Inclining Business


We believe in adding real value for our clients by creating integrated campaigns with quality content that will connect with your customers and rapidly “ignite” your online visibility. Our team at SEO Company Orange County will assign you an account manager dedicated to ensuring you and your business outstanding results.

"Online Marketing Without Data Is Like Driving With Your Eyes Closed" 

Google Shopping Certified

Orange County SEO with Results

Orange County SEO will increase your trust, visibility and overall leads to create you more business. You will be ranked on the first page for your business' targeted keywords.

Increased Call Volume

Having Orange County SEO will increase your average in-bound calls through our SEO and online marketing practices. We go beyond the basic marketing strategies to ensure your business is thriving. 

More Organic Leads

SEO Company Orange County will ensure your business is targeting the correct audience who are in the market for your specific service or product by going above and beyond to make sure all expectations are being met. 

Google Maps Marketing for Local OC Companies

To be successful within Google it's crucial that your business has a Google Maps account. Google Maps Marketing is simply the optimization of your business presence online within Google Maps. When using Google Maps, the goal is simple; ranking higher in the search increases your opportunity for new potential leads and customers. We provide vision; thought leadership and effective support on a daily basis to help companies in all sizes build their ROI and growth.

Seo Company OC Website Audit Repor Min

 Allow SEO Company Orange County to Show you the Value in our Marketing and SEO Services

FREE Marketing Evaluation worth $350

Will your website pass our SEO marketing test? If you're searching for Orange County SEO services, we can help by running a report on your current website to better understand how it is performing. We are dedicated to our work and are thrilled to show you the benefits of our marketing services.


We hired the best experts in multiple different fields to ensure your success with SEO Company Orange County

Conversion Rate Optimization Experts

Our conversion rate experts are here to ensure that you and your business succede.

Web Design Developers 

We have secured the best web-developers to ensure the highest ROI for your website. 

Speciality Content Writers

Our dedicated content writers go above and beyond when writing content for your website. 

Graphic Designers

Our team of graphic designers work with all types of industries and any style of design. 

SEO Company Orange County

SEO is a fundamental part of online marketing in 2022 whereas more and more businesses are moving online and ditching store-front locations. Having higher scores in Google's algorithm than your competitors’ sites gives your company’s website an upper hand when those businesses' keywords are being searched via a search engine. Orange County SEO provides high-quality SEO services that are readily available to all clients. Our comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of SEO and how to heighten a site’s scores in all categories will be sure to serve you and your company well.

SEO Company Orange County will ensure your business is targeting the correct audience who are in the market for your specific service or product by going above and beyond to make sure all expectations are being met. Our SEO experts will increase your company's trust, visibility, and overall leads to create more business for all of your Orange County SEO needs.

Orange County Website Design


Keyword Research
Competitor Research
Website Auditing
Marketing Evaluations 


Google Adwords
A/B Testing
Social Media Management
Backlink Outreach
Mobile Friendly Website                      


Content Writing & Creation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Meta Optimization

Project Management

Link Building

SEO is Constantly Changing & Evolving

Google's algorithms are made up of a complex system that is used to retrieve data from multiple search engines while delivering the most accurate and best results possible. Google changes its SEO algorithm hundreds of times every year making SEO techniques have no choice but to constantly evolve with the times. Because Google's algorithms are constantly evolving this means there's no downtime for SEO specialists who are constantly having to learn new techniques and new ways to keep their clients on top of search engine pages. 

Our team at SEO Orange County CA has spent thousands of hours ensuring our SEO specialists are well versed, familiar, and excel at all-new SEO algorithms before they launch so that we stay on top of our competition and bring our clients the highest possible ROI. Our teams have extensive experience working with all of Google's algorithms, so rest assured SEO Company Orange County has taken the extra step to make you and your business succeed.  

With the amount of information available on the web, finding what you need would be nearly impossible without some help sorting through it. Google ranking systems are designed to do just that: sort through hundreds of billions of webpages in our Search index to find the most relevant, useful results in a fraction of a second, and present them in a way that helps you find what you’re looking for.

How Search Algorithms Work


Jamie Quong.

"I have tried lots of SEO Companies and by far this has been my best experience thus far. I love the fact that I communicate only with the owner and don’t have to go through anyone else to get something completed. Max is straight forward and he definitely over delivers. I have lots of keywords on the first page of Google now and some that are very competitive like. If you search for Orange County Braces you’ll find my office on the very top of search rankings. This keyword alone is giving my office lots of business."

Ana Fernández.

"I have been doing landscaping for over 15 years and could not believe how much money I was losing out on from potential clients who could never find me on Google or were not able to navigate my poorly designed, super outdated website that was always breaking and crashing. I found SEO Company OC and they helped me build a new website that is fully optimized to rank well in search engines so customers can finally find my company and I no longer have to rely on word of mouth advertising."

Hugo Mitford.

"I was with two previous seo companies that claimed they knew everything about seo. But they literally just scammed me out of thousands of dollars. When I spoke to Max he literally he immedialtely looked at my website. He then explained to me how this website was not properly optimized and he showed me the proof via This was a reason that I gave an seo company one last chance. The owner of this business takes time out of his busy schedule to make sure that all doubts that I first had were completely addressed. His team literally trashed my old website and gave me a state of the art new website which looks amazing, gets the phone ringing, mobile friendly, and fast. And of course is already ranking very high with lots of keywords in the cannabis industry."

Divas Janroot.

"His team designed and optimized a new website for me that is SEO and Mobile-Friendly, and so attractive! They also created a Google Maps page, and they keep on optimizing both and creating good content with the right keywords for my Equipment Financings company. The best part is that all of this made the process of financing new customers so much easier and quicker! I’ve been working with SEO Company for years now and have seen the best results. Just visit my website and you will see what an amazing job they did."

What Type of Industries do we Work With? 

With such a large market, nationally and globally, SEO Company Orange County works with Orange County businesses and to get placement on the first page of search engines for targeted keywords in your area. Orange County SEO focuses on helping small and mid sized businesses grow online and provide a true return on investment with SEO Orange County CA.  If you are searching for Orange County SEO services in the OC area, we are here to help. SEO Company Orange County provide services to to all industries varying from healthcare providers, construction industries or even to the retail apparel industry. 

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Our Mission at SEO Company Orange County

It's our mission at SEO Company Orange County to help bring Christmas to every child in LA and Orange County. In 2020 and 2021 we donated 10% of all sales to help make Christmas a little more special for children in need. 

For 2022 we are prepared to do the same and will use 10% of all sales towards responding to letters mailed to Santa. To view the organization we have teamed up with click here

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Everyone is always talking about improving their SEO and leads but the problem is that nobody is willing to prove to you that they're better than the other SEO companies out there. Well guess what.. we are! Below is proof of our services so you can see for yourself our success before you commit to our SEO services we offer at SEO Company OC.